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Organizations looking forward to provide desirable and mandatory services to their employees needs a strong and communicating portal where staffs can access their profile and make amendments whenever required. Companies render multiple services in the regard of employees welfare including administrative, financial, and managerial, etc. The thought is nicely working in other parts of the world, but in the African continent, the practice is still to be developed and for this AfricaERP has brought a magnificent solution in the form of Employee Self Service Portal ERP software.

The portal is a part of ERPHUT Human capital Management (HCM). The system includes Multiple types of transactions, for example, claiming of petty expenses made on behalf of the organization, regular data relating to payroll, leave management, tax deductions,  travel expense claims. The system includes complete automation process of these features and as such gives the staffs a luxury to operate their employee page. The software is comprehensively handy and serves complete liberty to users to access their profile/s. This saves the quality of management as well as of employees.

The system allows a Team Lead to organize specific and daily tasks for their team members even if they are not presert for face to face meetings. AfricaERP software is extremely configurable and updating and monitoring of given assignments is too procurable in the same working hours of the manager.

The system also supports vital tasks of HR including Appraisal Management. The  complete appraisal process has been designed to take care of an organization’s different needs and variations due to levels and roles. The whole portal is multilingual.

The login application is given for users at the Dashboard and it shows  data on leaves, pending or approved claims, the status of tasks assigned to the user, status of tasks assigned by the user to others, a detailed calendar with important organizations events marked out, upcoming birthdays of colleagues and other relevant information. Users have liberty to access the requirement on their wishes. Past salary slips are downloadable on user’s demand.

My Profile- Users can log in their profiles and maintain them which include Personal Information, details of dependents, Address and contact data as well as upload relevant documents such as educational certificates, passport, driving license, visa information, etc. This gets directly linked to HCM and can be accessed all over the world at any time zone.

Appraisal System- As the appraisal management vary with the nature of business, the feature in the system has been designed accordingly. If needed, KRAs/KPIs can be defined for groups of staff based on their profile, or can be tailored to suit individuals. The system also support maintenance of organization-wise performance factors regardless of levels and functions of the employee in that particular organization. The management including high to next level can manage the appraisal initiation to other appraisal assessments according to the policies and workflow of the organization. 360° appraisal functionality is also provided.

Leave System- Leave application system is completely dynamic, where n number of leave types can be added with their specific rules. Each leave type has a separate approval workflow.

Task Management- Task Management is completely operational with the help of the software.  A Manager can assign tasks to the team members as well as the middle management can assign the tasks  to peers too. Those who are assigned to complete these tasks can report their progress with the help of the portal.

Travel Expenses, Conveyance Expenses, Leave Travel, Medical Bill Claims- These expenses can be claimed through the Employee Self Service Portal. All such expenses are associated to individual entitlements. An employee can check where he stands w.r.t. the annual or quarterly allowance entitlementsin order to manage his finances.  All such claims are linked to HCM and Financials of ERPHUT Software.

Tax Deductions- Installed Tax Deductions in the system are designed as per the financial laws of different countries. As such any individual can make certain investments in Government approved avenues during the financial year.  It helps Tax managing team by tracking the commitments made  staff members regarding the investments they will make with the investments actually made, and ensure that the necessary documentation is available to support the reduction in tax liability. It provides staffs to make online tax commitments in the starting of the financial year and also allows them to upload proof of investments during the course of the year. This reduces the confront between staffs and tax teams and leads to significant efficiencies for this very important task.

Training- This system also allows organizations to manage the skill of their staffs at regular intervals. Today’s extremely knowledge focused and rapidly changing environment has become a huge need for staff skills up gradation. ERPHUT Portal enables individual staff members as well as their managers to raise training requests. These requirements get aggregated with the Training team which can manage the necessary training and invite the staff members for skill up gradation programs.

Separation- A complete cycle for separation renders for smooth separation from the organization and thus ensuring that no step such as knowledge transfer or any others deemed necessary would be missed out.

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