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Delhi being the capital city of India is home to various Multinational giants and while it keeps attracting businesses and skilled professionals from all over the country due to better remuneration and business atmosphere, the number of firms evolved here has grown many folds in the past few years.

So while there were a good number of Multinational firms in existence, handling their operations at the core level becomes a hefty task to the respective managements over the period and the need of an integrated solution to streamline their business activities comes over.ERP systems has perfectly catered to that need in the past few years and with it capabilities of handling multiple activities and business function. Moreover, Business routines and core functional operation of every business concern are totally or partially different while involving a number of departments and their respective functions. This is where ERP system plays a vital role in integrating all the business functions with the use of one centralized application. While Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that support any business function with the help of an integrated applications system to facilitate the management of its core operations and further streamline various other back office operations like IT, HR department and other operations.

About us

ERPHUT are one of the premium ERP solutions providers across various industry levels in Delhi for the past many years which are delivering best in class Integrated ERP solutions. Our top notch knowledge based systems can cater to the need of every organization to the perfection irrespective of their shape and sizes.

Whether your business requirements comprises of integrating various business Operations, including materials Management, production Planning, Sales & Marketing, Quality Management and Logistics Execution, Human Resource Management (Payroll, e-Recruiting) and Finance (Financial Accounting, Financial Supply Chain Management and Management Accounting, our flexible solutions are the there to serve you in the best manner possible.

At ERP hut, we don’t just deliver ERP solutions; we take care of your project from end to end ensuring timely delivery of every service with complete peace of mind to the business owners. We not only work towards making the task of managing core operations of your business functions easier, but to make them more competitive in order to keep up with the ever evolving Technology trends.

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