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An organization’s growth is partially based on its Sales system. It is the business element that drives an organization towards growth, profitability, and other organizational objectives. It is thus advisable that  well-managed sales function is critical to the success of your organization. ERPHUT Sales identifies the requirements of sales ranges which include direct sales, institutional sales, FMCG focused sales, Retail, or even services sales. The system allows its user/s (organization/s) to manage sales right from planning and budgeting stage to ensuring collections and post-sales services.

The system comprises a comprehensive and solid budgeting functions in which users can create  top-down and  bottom-up budget formats. The formats of budgets can be developed after product mixing, regions, sales teams or any other mechanism that suit you best. The sales organization can be defined and multiple levels of consolidations assure that users have complete  ownership and visibility over the system. Versions of budgets can be created and monitored annually and can also be customized according to the time requirement.

Inquiry management including their follow-ups can be  done through ERPHUT Pre-Sales function. The services of received  inquiries and their  easy and convenient recording with their allotment  to the concerned person and  tracking successful sales closures is possible to access on mobiles. Sales teams can quickly and conveniently create quotations, check shipments status, check  credit availability for existing customers, etc.

The system harbors Direct Sales Orders, as well as Cash Sales, Exports, Rate Contracts or Rush Orders.  Users can track quotations to ensure that the terms at the time of quotation match the order booked to prevent commercial issues and can use Sales Order templates to minimize the efforts for high volume environments. Worthy communication with customers as well as internal audience can be done with easy emailing options. Each accepted Sales Order from internal or external customers can be linked to Production Planning or Procurement functions of the software.

The Pick, Pack and Ship function of the software permits users to process single screen orders. No need to generate separate pick lists for the same customer or shipping address by users. Mapping such lists including  warehouses and bin locations can be possible to improve shipping efficiencies. All such lists can be added to barcode system.

The challenges related to the accommodation of pre-payments, PDC, invoices of multiple shipments for the same invoice or vice-versa, managing fluctuating currency exchange rates,  tax structures, capturing  missed data  of sales order acceptance have been effectively included  in the software. A comprehensive report feature makes sure that payments must be received properly and their follow-ups with customers become easy.

Management and scheduling of deliveries from multiple warehouses are possible is possible in this system. This is applicable for  recurring shipments where quantities are dynamic for different time periods. Full information about stock availability and stock aging across warehouses is available.

Sales returns in dealing with consumer returns because of different reasons, for example, damaged good, returns for repairs, warranty issues or similar is accessible. All these connects to tax collection whenever required. Returns can be coordinated to shipments made before, and pertinent upgrades to inventory made. It is conceivable to make single RMA for different shipments.

Checking and management of Sales function  should be created through the vast number of MIS reports accessible as a part of the software. An intense graphic Sales dashboard permits the Sales Management Team to audit progress of critical parameters in a natural, straightforward way and empowering brief restorative activity.

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