SAP Business ONE add ons Solutions

As we understand that SAP Business One has been specifically designed cater to the basic functional needs of the Business Organizations, there are certain Sp business one Add-on products which adds more value and depth to the existing product. Moreover, Over 50,000 companies around the world use SAP Business One on a daily basis to streamline their multifaceted business functions. So while we know that tow business organizations can’t have the same business needs, they need specific solutions to cater to their respective business functions. That’s where SAP certified Add-Ons comes as a perfect solution to further boost and broaden the power of SAP Business One. While these add-ons are designed and developed by a team of professionals and experts in their particular field, they are then put forward to test with the base application after all the pre defined checks and analysis. This further facilitates the business with perfectly crafted solutions specified for their business needs.

ERP HUT SAP certified Add-Ons are best suited to various business functions like production, distribution, service, project management and retail services. The same add on solutions are tried and tested by SAP experts and the same are assured to bring a revolutionary change in the overall approach of a business functioning. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous add ons for SAP business ONE.

Key benefits of SAP business ONE add ons

You can add on additional information: While using the SAP business ONE add ons, you can add on additional fields to put in all the required information lately during your business processes. It doesn’t matter whether the information is related to database including details of customers, vendors, clients or else.

Additional screens: Once any new information or details gets added into the basic interface, you will also get an option of additional screens which would facilitate the overall functioning of the same in a smoother manner.

Keep up with any future upgrades: As the new information which has been put in would now be coming up in a new window or a different screen altogether, it would still not impact the core system in terms of any future upgrades or changes.

Compatible for multifaceted industries: while there are businesses around which have their own industry based requirements, The SAP Business One add on tool makes it much easy for them to tackle the challenges within their business functioning and bridge the gaps in the communication process.

Easy to use: SAP B1 add-on allows every business and industry to accommodate their business needs as per the system requirements making the platform easy to use and implement into their core functioning.

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