SAP HANA is specifically been designed to cater to all the analytical requirements of a business organizations .It provides businesses with real-time access to their business data and information while delivering accurate reports and detailed analysis of the same. SAP HANA additionally makes all the related key information accessible to the business and brings the power of embedded analytics into picture.

Moreover, SAP Business One version for SAP HANA assist the business owners by providing them a clear insight of the business activities which further helps them to define and prioritize the more important aspect in the interests of the Organization. While it brings in use only a single platform for both analytics and transactions you can easily see solutions to various issues occurring in daily business as usual and combat the same with the help of some real time reporting and analysis which further end the risk of all those issues from coming back.

Some of the key features of Sap Business One Hana

Clear insights of the business – Your business gets benefitted in a bigger context from the high end embedded analytics as it helps you to gain real time insights into the business details, assist in making the instant decision at the point of transaction, and facilitate the future planning for the business keeping in mind the results achieved in the present and the past.

Facilitate Cash flow forecasting– when it comes to businesses which have stepped into the industry just recently, it’s really vital to estimate an appropriate number in terms of cash flow within the organization. This more or less ascertains the life span or the success of the same business in the long run. SAP Business One version for SAP HANA comes with a cash flow forecasting feature which helps you in achieving the same result in due time.

Eliminate the IT complexities – SAP Business One version for SAP HANA simply makes you get rid of all the high end IT complexities and unwanted IT structural cost which are quite complicated to the understanding of the basic business functions of any organization. It ensure that your business runs smoother without any over the board IT Hardware and software costs which would make the business more cost effective along with better results on board.

At ERPHUT, we provide you with an excellent opportunity and a high end platform to upgrade your organization’s SAP Business One solution with SAP HANA.

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