SAP Business One Mobility Solutions

In the wake of growing competition across the global markets, business owners have understood the relevance of keeping a track record of all the business activities within their organization even when they are not in the office premise. That is where they always requited an automated ERP solution which can be accessed and operated form their Mobile device and help them to track and monitor all or most of their business aspects on the move. SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad cater to the same need with utmost perfection while providing the required access to the business owners at the comfort of a mobile device.

SAP Business One mobility solutions facilitate you and your business with a power to cater to all your clients and customers from your mobile device without disturbing your vacation or an important family functions

Moreover, it not only enable you to meet all your business requirements with great perfection, but also provide you with a clear and deeper insight into its core business functions while adding more value to your business to stay ahead in the market from your competitors.

Benefits of SAP Business One Mobility Solutions

  • SAP Business One Mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android gives you the power of operating your business from anywhere while providing all the deep insights, irrespective of your location
  • You can also systematize your schedule and routines in accordance to timely management and monitoring of all the business functions and even sync the same with your phone’s calendar.
  • SAP Business one mobile app further provides you with all the timely updates and reminders regarding any important business meeting or conference.
  • You can now cater to all your customers in a better manner by keeping detailed records of upcoming leads, sales opportunities, and customer orders while offering them with good customer service
  • you can also keep a record about all the relevant information of your customers and clients and even update or delete a record whenever required without any hassle
  • You can also manage and monitor the entire inventory and re-order levels, thus keeping the stock-outs situation out of the picture.
  • SAP B1 mobile app also gives you all the key information regarding all the business activities in the form of graphs, pie charts or real time reports which can be customized as per the requirement.
  • SAP B1 Mobile solution also offers you with an interactive dashboard where you can have a deep insight about all the key performing and non performing indicators at the same time
  • SAP B1 mobile app always ensure to provide you with a best in class integrated solution for all your core business functions so as your brand always stay ahead in the competition within the global markets.

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