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The New Dimension of Business Planning- Open Source ERP Software

What is ERP software?

The term ERP commonly related to business planning. It is the abbreviated from of Enterprise Resource Planning, mainly used in small business firms. It is a costly operation to implement a business planning for a business firm, may be it is small or large in scale. The same picture is reflected in case of ERP. So using of open source resource planning is getting popular day by day. Most of the large business firm has large targets followed by larger planning. Though they are not totally depended upon open source ERP, the small business firms have discovered it easier to use the same.

What is the utilization of Open source ERP software?

There are several factors responsible for accepting the solution by many business firms. First of all implementing of ERP does not need any paid licensing. Open source Manufacturing ERP has been designed in such a way that a firm acquiring the software can entertain all the desirable needs. Another appreciable feature of ERP software is that it is user friendly, enriched in features, capable of automated up-dating and many more.  There are different open source ERP software tools namely Openbravo, Opentaps, Compiere, Adempire, Postbooks, etc. These software versions are developed with a view to make them more advanced and dimensional with the changing technology. These tools are getting popularity because they are easily obtainable. The interested or requiring company should have to download the software and to design the same according to the company’s need. All these have made Open Source Manufacturing ERP so much demanding and effective.

Status of manufacturing:-

So, now it is very clear that open source ERP software has made a remarkable status to the business firms. This has lead and given birth a new industry called ERP manufacturing. A number of companies are giving attention to ERP Software for Manufacturing. The industry is prospering and flourishing in many countries due to the special attention of the manufacturers. The trading and manufacturing firms are regularly evaluating the new and dimensional needs of the companies which are using the software. If this process continues there will be a boon in the world of ERP and the small firms as well as the large scale companies will be eagerly looking for it.

The trend of open source manufacturing is increasing fast due to its diverse features that are reducing dependency of the companies over business planners. Besides that the cost reduction image is also remarkable. It has also reduced the burden of the developers to adopt the proper strategies independently without involving a planner. The initial target of the manufacturers is that the small scale enterprises should acquire the habituation of using these kinds of upgrade software, instead of depending upon planners solely. Moreover the advanced stress of the manufacturers has made possible the transition from the traditional ERP software to the newly upgraded open source .

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